Hi, I'm Holiday

I'm a meditation teacher.

I help people live their best lives through meditation, mindfulness & self-compassion.

I want you to feel peace, joy, love, freedom or whatever it is that makes you go YASSS!

This is it.. I have arrived. 


Just beginning? 

The best place to start is with my 30 DAY CHALLENGE.

Join over A THOUSAND  people who've used my 5 minute meditations to start their journey. 





Wanna go a bit deeper?

If you want to really learn how to apply the principles of meditation to your daily life, my 6 week mindfulness course would be perfect for you. 

It's launching in June, and I'll have a limited number of discounted spots for early birds! Sign up below to be the first to know. 





Ready to go real deep? 

I work with a small number of people at a time, supporting them on their personal & spiritual journeys. 

I believe we all have the answers deep within us, sometimes we just lose our way and need someone to shine the light.

That's where I can help. 


I deeply wish for better world. A world built on love not fear and acceptance not prejudice.

I truly believe that meditation can help us create this world, if enough of us practise. 

So, i'm committed to working on projects to share it in new & creative ways and with people who might not access it.

Join more than A THOUSAND meditators who have started their journey with my 30 day challenge. 

"As someone who is looking to explore meditation more to see to benefits that it can offer, I've found Holiday's "30 days of meditation" series a great place to get started & test out different styles of meditation & mindfulness. It's definitely provided me with a solid base of information that I'm looking forward to building on." - Max

Come and meditate with me in person. 

I can't wait to meet you!