Welcome and thank you for stopping by, I'm so glad you're here.  I'm Holiday - i'm a meditation teacher, mentor and a recovering perfectionist.

I teach the art of living happily, in every moment. My work is rooted in meditation, mindfulness & self compassion with a big dose of self acceptance.

I teach meditation with soul, infusing the traditional practises of stillness and presence with a deep love of life. 

I want for you to love yourself for who you are, live the full life you deserve and find joy in the every day.  Basically that feeling you get when you're walking down the street, the sun is out, birds are singing, and then you remember it's a bank holiday.. yeah that.. I want you to have that.

 I can't wait to meditate with you.

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If you're just beginning this is an amazing place to start!

Join over A THOUSAND people have used my  5 minute meditations to start their journey.              


personal mentoring

I believe we all have the potential to live big, purposeful & present lives. Sometimes we just don't know how.

If you're feeling lost, stuck or just ready to take your life to the next level - let's chat.


YOUR Space

An online meditation school and exclusive community that will give you everything you need to start & stay meditating.

This is my baby - and it's coming very very soon!





I deeply wish for better world. A world built on love not fear and acceptance not prejudice.

I truly believe that meditation can help us create this world, if enough of us practise. 

So, I'm committed to working on projects that share meditation in new & creative ways and with people who might not normally access it.

Come and meditate with me in person

I can't wait to meet you!