Having signed up to Holiday's workshop in a moment of 'oh my god I want to run away and hide', thinking perhaps meditation was the closest available answer, I never expected to come out feeling so refreshed and quite frankly like I was normal! Holiday is such a great addition to the mindfulness and wellness scene, as she presents meditation as such an accessible practice, that is available to everyone, not just yoga gurus! Her anecdotes made me realise I wasn't the only crazy over thinker in the world, and the reaction of the room made me realise perhaps not even the only one in the room! She brought such a fresh take to meditation that the two hours were gone in a shot and I was left wanting more, when usually I'm lost, bored and panicked about my list of tasks for the day after 10mins of mindfulness! Thank you!

Sarah | MBA Student


Last year, I had my second child.. a son. During my maternity leave, I had mild post partum reaction. Not a full blown depression but I felt challenged and sad. I stumbled upon your meditations and it just made so much sense to me. Listening to your words and your voice helped me so much in my recovery. Anyway last week I felt kind of blue and not myself... I remembered your meditations and listened to number 9 about being kind to yourself. I did the meditation and I feel relieved and better. 

Just to say thank you and to let you know you make a difference ❤️

Mette | Mother

I tried Holiday's meditation session because I needed to clear my mind. It is a bit like going to the gym. I usually workout once a week to sweat toxins from my body, and I always feel great for doing it afterwards! Why don't we do the same for our minds more often? I left Holiday's session feeling more relaxed and equipped with the tools to start decluttering my mind on a regular basis. I'm looking forward to attending another session soon. 

ROCHELLE | Blogger 


As someone who is looking to explore meditation more to see to benefits that it can offer, I've found Holiday's "30 days of meditation" series on Youtube a great place to get started & test out different techniques / styles of meditation & mindfulness. It's definitely provided me with a solid base of information that I'm looking forward to building on..

Max | MC