About Me


Hi there! I'm Holiday.

Thank you so much for stopping by my corner of the web. I'm a meditation teacher, mentor and recovering perfectionist. I teach the art of living happily, in every moment. My work is rooted in meditation, mindfulness & self compassion with a big dose of self acceptance. 

Because for most of my life..


I felt like I wasn't enough

My inner critic was constantly always comparing me to others, telling me that I wasn't achieving enough, doing enough or just not good enough as a person. I spent hours planning my dream career, home, relationship - believing that when I got them I'd be happy, I'd be enough. 

By the time I was 28, alot of those dreams had come true. I had a promising career, money, my own flat in London. But despite all of that I still didn't feel like I was enough.

It all just felt.. soul-less. I later learn that "soulful" means "full of or expressing deep emotion" & I knew that was it.. in spending so much time trying to curate this "full" life, I'd forgotten that what really mattered was how I felt along the journey.

You know that saying, life is what happens when you're making other plans? That was me.


So I left

I spent the next 2 years on a journey of self discovery. 

I spent hundreds of hours in silent meditation, lived with nuns in a monastery in France & travelled to Peru to explore shamanic healing practises. I began to understand myself on a deep level. I learnt how to be happy in the present moment and how to love myself just as I am.

I completely changed my life. I became happier, more joyful and far more peaceful. I started to wake up in the morning excited about the day ahead and so grateful just to be alive. Perhaps most importantly, I became kinder, more understanding of others and a far more conscious human being. 


Meditation showed me

That I could live my best life in every moment, Simply by being present. It showed me that I didn't have to be perfect, I could just be me and that was enough. It showed me that I was connected to everyone and that compassion for others is the greatest act of self love in the world. It saved my life really. I deeply wish for the same for you. To love and accept yourself as you are and to live the fullest life possible. And I can't wait to help. 

Secrets & Loves

I couldn't live without - Music 

My favourite things - 90s RnB // dancing // falling in love 

My spirit animal - Titus from "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" 

My signature song - I'm Every Woman by Chaka Khan

I secretly wish - I lived in an 80s aerobics video.. nuff said

Words I live by - "Let go of who you think you're supposed to be & embrace who you are" - Brene Brown


Official Stuff

I'm a certified Meditation Teacher with the British School of Yoga, Path of Freedom instructor with the Prison Mindfulness Institute & hold a Diploma from the Chartered Institute for Personal Development. 

I'm a student of the Insight Meditation lineage, studying with teachers Tara Brach & Jack Kornfield. 

I have over 10 years experience coaching, mentoring & developing people from my previous career as an HR Leader for some of the world's most inspiring companies. From my early days at Apple to my more recent roles with some of London's top tech startups, I have helped to grow the lives & careers of over 100 people to date.

I've studied Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Mindfulness-Based Self Compassion, Mindfulness-Based Emotional Intelligence & spent over 1000 hours in silent meditation. 

In truth though.. my best qualification is myself.

I've completely turned my life around through meditation, mindfulness and coaching. From someone who was lost, self critical & always striving for future happiness to someone who feels free, present and lives her calling every day.

Most importantly, someone who even on the bad days, can look in the mirror and say with all the honesty in the world, I Love You.

That to me is everything.