10 things you don’t know about me

  1. I couldn’t live without music. My favourite artist is Nai Palm.

  2. As well as teaching meditation, I work full-time at Monzo as a Coach, helping to build a better, kinder bank.

  3. I dropped out of Cambridge University age 19 to travel the world (*top 2 best decisions I’ve ever made!)

  4. I used to be a Drum + Bass DJ. I still DJ, but there’s a lot less bass!

  5. My favourite prayer is “God, please spare me the desire for love, approval and appreciation. Amen”.

  6. Through my teens and early 20s my self-esteem was so low, I used drugs to numb out my fears and social anxiety. I’m so happy that because of meditation, I no longer need to do that.

  7. I wish I could time travel to the 70s - disco + flares + free love = heaven.

  8. I write poetry. Check it out here.

  9. I think the highest spiritual practise is forgiveness.

  10. My favourite spiritual teacher is Byron Katie.