“If every 8-year-old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.” 

I love this quote. I truly believe that meditation can create the peaceful, loving world that so many of us dream of. 

I work on projects that share meditation in new & creative ways and with people who might ordinarily access it.

Mindfulness in Prisons


I feel passionately that everyone deserves to heal. 

Path of Freedom is an amazing US based program that delivers mindfulness to people currently serving sentences. This program has changed people's lives by focussing on healing & rehabilitation rather than punishment & revenge. 

I am currently training to bring this program to the UK. 



Gyal Flex

I founded Gyal Flex in 2017 with my friend & yogi Sanchia Legister. 

We dreamed of creating a class that would appeal to people who saw yoga & meditation as "not for people like them". 

Using music to reach out, we founded London's first "Hip Hop Yoga & Meditation class".

What started as a fun class, quickly evolved into a precious community. A space for people of all shapes, sizes & colours to explore the practises and connect to themselves & eachother

Check out a video below and our events here.