Are you?


Sure that there is something more to life for you but not quite sure what that is?

Always dreaming about what your life could be but stuck in the same place? 

Disconnected from yourself, unsure of what you want or even who you are? 

Ready to go deeper on your journey of self discovery?


So was I


We often also find ourselves drawn to meditation because it is our time to transform - to go deeper into ourselves, and realise our fullest potential.

We are tired of living a life that's just "good enough". We want to understand ourselves, connect to our purpose and start really living. 

We want to break free from the inner criticisms, self doubt & limiting beliefs that keep us stuck in the same place. 

We are finally ready to listen to that tiny whisper that says, you were made for more than this.


If you're ready to go deeper on your journey of self discovery, I work with a small number of people 1 on 1, supporting them on this path of transformation. 

I believe that we all have all the answers deep inside us, sometimes we just need someone who's walked the same path to shine the light. That's where I can help. 

We'll work together using deep reflection, desire mapping and a strong foundation of meditation to uncover what it actually is you most deeply desire, not what you think you should want or what you think you deserve.. but what you truly want from life.  We'll then set a clear strategy to get there, using soulful goals, habits & rituals that i'll hold you accountable to. 


I only work with a limited number of people at a time, because I really put my all into the relationship. I want you to uncover your brilliance, step into your potential and live the life of your dreams. So I'm there to support you in between sessions, hold you accountable and encourage you. I wont just be your mentor but your soul sister, your guide and your friend. 

This type of transformation takes real work, and you have to be sure you're ready.. but if you are, this work will change your life. You'll understand yourself at the deepest level, awaken to your purpose and create a life you didn't think was possible. 


How mentorship works

We'll work together over 3 months (or slightly longer depending on what fits your goals & schedule)

We'll start with 1 x 90 minute BIG VISION session to map your desired life

Then 9 x 60 minute sessions

After each I'll send you exercises & meditations that support the work 

In between sessions I'll send you encouragement & hold you accountable to your goals

I'll send you additional resources to deepen the work and accelerate your growth

I'm always there for you - you can contact me any time you need for extra support 

All sessions are over video conferencing so you can be anywhere in the world 


Think you're ready? 

Get in touch with me below and let's have a chat on the phone (totally free!) to see if working together feels right. 


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