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This year's focus is Self Acceptance - finding true happiness through accepting yourself for who you are. 

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Quote from last year:

"Last year, I had my second child.. a son. During my maternity leave, I had mild post partum reaction. Not a full blown depression but I felt challenged and sad. I stumbled upon your 30 Day Challenge and it just made so much sense to me. Listening to your words and your voice helped me so much in my recovery. Anyway last week I felt kind of blue and not myself... I remembered your meditations and listened to number 9 about being kind to yourself. I did the meditation and I feel relieved and better. Just to say thank you and to let you know you make a difference ❤️"


Why Self Acceptance?

Since my last challenge which over 400 of you took part in, I've taught more than 1000 new meditators. I've heard your struggles - the stress of day to day living, the struggle to manage anxiety or the feeling that you're never just present. 

But the thing I hear most often is the pain of living with your inner critic - that voice that tells you - you should be better. That constantly chimes in to ask why you haven't achieved more, done more, been more. The one that tells you you're not successful enough, pretty enough, spiritual enough. That tells you that you'll only be truly happy when you become a better version of yourself. 
The truth is when we listen to that voice, we'll never be enough, no matter what we achieve or who we impress. I know this because I listened to that voice for so many years, and I was never truly happy.

Until I found meditation. 

And I learnt that my happiness came from accepting myself just as I am. 

The funny thing is once I realised that, I actually started to really love myself because I didn't have to be perfect anymore! And I even started "achieving" more than I ever though possible - because I became my own biggest advocate. I became a self-believer!. 

I want that for you too. To experience the freedom that comes from total self accetance, the joy that comes from feeling comfortable in your own skin and the full life you can live when you learn to love yourself just as you are.

I really hope you'll join me on this journey. 

With love always,

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